she & he

Let me introduce you to my main man,
We met in 10th grade Spanish class.
The Spanish language was not his cup of tea.
He tried on numerous occasions to copy my work flirt with me.
It all happened in a very "high-school" way-
I told a friend I had a crush,
who told another friend,
who then told Peter...
and the rest is history.
Here we are 8+ years later!

 I'm SO SO lucky to have him as a boyfriend, best friend, and partner in crime!
Good ones like him don't come around too often!

And you know what they say...
First comes love, then comes marriage!

We're engaged!

And planning our wedding!
Save the Date - August 30, 2014!


  1. what an awesome picture of y'all on the beach! that is amazing!

  2. I agree! Love the beach picture! You two look great together Andrea!