Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting to Know Me

HAPPY HAPPY Friday! Peter and I have a jammed packed weekend ahead of me filled with painting, painting, and more painting. But like a weirdo, I'm actually looking forward to it because it's our first house and we're doing it together!
Hi adorable townhouse <3
Since I'm a newbie in the blog world - I want to continue to get my to know my readers and allow them to get to know me! We're in this together, right? Here are some random fun facts about me, the lady behind Fluent in Sparkle!

1.) I hate pies. I still can't decide whether its the warm baked mushy fruit or if it's the combination of fruit and bread but I hate them! Pies, cobblers, you name it - yuck.

2.) My boyfriend and I both have 21 year old brothers, who were born on the same exact day, in the same exact hospital, within an hour of one another. Meaning we probably crossed paths at the hospital 21 years ago as 3 year-old munchkins and never even knew it!

3.) If I could go anywhere in the world right now I'd choose Tahiti/Bora Bora. I've had an obsession with those over-water huts since I first laid my eyes on them a while back and dream about going there one day. Hopefully for my honeymoon one day! Can't go wrong with jumping off your porch into crystal clear turquoise waters.

4.) I have never broken a bone - knock on wood this doesn't jinx me.

5.) The sound of silverware clanking or dragging along a plate sends chills down my spine every. damn. time.  

6.) I'm a crazy dog lady. I mean obsessed with them! I talk to them in a crazy little "dog voice" and probably often times hold full conversations with them as if they're responding.

7.) I have ALWAYS wanted a nickname, but Andrea doesn't really lend itself to many options. Some of my friends in junior high called me "dre" but that really didn't make sense to me because my name isn't Andréa. Then I got to college and some of my friends called me Andy which made me the happiest ever, but it just didn't stick.

8.) My brothers, sister, and I were featured in a dental ad when we were younger! We took family photos with a professional photographer who also happened to be a stock photographer - and one of our photos was purchased by a dental company! This also happened again years later when I took photos with the same photographer, and one was sold to Parents magazine. I know, I'm a celeb.
an iPhone snap of the famed photo - sorry for the glare.
 9.) When changing the volume on the TV or radio, I have to have it set on an even number or increment of 5. There's no way it could be set on 7, 9, 13 - or you know something bad might happen. Some might refer to this as a symptom of OCD but I just call it a quirk. I have a few more "quirks" but we'll save that for another day.

10.) I take Halloween very seriously. So does my man. Yes, that is me dressed as Lady Gaga in college circa 2010, and me and P as a white trash couple in 2011 - yes I'm fake pregnant and yes my shirt does say "get mama a drink".

11.) I don't have any tattoos, yet. But I really believe in experiencing as many things as possible in life (obviously with some exclusions) and once I figure out what I want permanently inked on my body I'm going to do it! I'm pretty positive it'll be small, simple, and somewhere on my foot.

12.) I'm deathly afraid of thunderstorms and high winds. When I was little, anytime there was a thunderstorm coming I would hide in our basement with our pets & pray that our house wouldn't blow away. I blame whoever allowed me to watch Twister at such a young age.

13.) I hope to see cancer cured by the time I die.

14.) My bucket list currently consists of (in no particular order) - 
  • travel to Bora Bora  
  • return to Sevilla, Spain where I studied abroad 
  • swim with dolphins 
  • explore Italy with Peter 
  • learn a 3rd language (Italian) 
  • go to a taping of the Ellen Show 
  • complete the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3-day
15.) The final 10 minutes of the movie Dirty Dancing will forever be my favorite. Nothing makes me happier than when Patrick Swayze pulls baby out of the corner and twirls her on the dance floor. And that lift? Tried to get Peter to help me recreate it and it didn't go as smoothly.

And that concludes our little getting to know you session! Hope you enjoyed & learned a little something about the face behind this blog! And if you didn't notice, I ended on #15 which is an increment of 5 and made me feel damn good.

Have a fan-freaking-tastic weekend!


  1. That townhouse is adorable!! have fun painting :)

    And those over the water huts? To die for...would LOVE to travel there!

  2. Favorite movie ever, which I reference almost daily, is Dirty D. I guest posted on a friend's blog today and used the opening lines of the movie as a title. hahaha

  3. Such a great movie...I wish I could dance like that!! And I am with you on the little water-huts...maybe someday :)

  4. That's so interesting that you don't like pie! :P

  5. Google "The Maldives" for a new vacation obsession. It's where I went on my honeymoon, and it was ah-ma-zing!

  6. I've always wanted to go to Bora Bora, too! Also, I have the same strange habit of only putting the radio on even numbers or multiples of fives. Thank GOD I'm not alone in that one :-)

  7. Your Gaga costume is killer. I want to go to Bora Bora too. My boss face timed with us from one of the huts. Bitch.