Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hidden Treasures in Charleston

I promise think this will be the last day I'll mention Charleston!

But really, there's nothing like exploring a new place & discovering those little amazing shops or products that you just can't find at home! I have three particular ones that really stick out for me, and I hope you enjoy them & their products as much as I do! There's a little bit of everything - candles, clothes, and honey! Something for everyone!

Rewined Candles
Upon discovering these in the Charleston straw market, I had one of those "why didn't I think of this" moments. Then I remembered I have no idea whatsoever how to make a candle and let it go. 

I'm obsessed with this product - a recycled wine bottom, cut in half, and re-purposed to be a wine scented candle! I have no shame in telling you between my Mom and I we left Charleston with 10 of these candles, 3 of them I bought to keep for myself and the rest are all gifts! I would go on to tell you how difficult it is to bring that many candles home on an airplane, and that we got stopped in security, but that's all in the past now and the candles are home safely with us!
 If you're a wine lover, know a wine lover, or just love a great smelling candle - you've got to give these a try! I also want to add how detailed the presentation of this candle is - each one is dated and signed by the person who made it, just adding to the charm of it all! Every single one of the candle scents was amazing, the only one I didn't care for was Chardonnay! For myself, I purchased Riesling (duh), Sangria, and Champagne! I also LOVED the Cabernet and Pinot Noir! You really can't go wrong.

You can buy their candles online on their website at West Elm on Fab.com , or at Pure Home - and that way you won't have your bag searched by a TSA agent for smuggling candles back to your home state.

The Impeccable Pig
It's no surprise that I love to shop. Love love love it. Sometimes I'm able to demonstrate self-control, but other times I just can't. Especially when I pass by a store that I know is going to be the jackpot for me and my closet. Enter The Impeccable Pig! This isn't a store that's exclusive to Chareslton, but it's only found in multiple locations in Texas, two locations in NC, one in SC, and one in GA. The good news for those of us that don't live in any of those states? They have a website! And yes I've already visited it since I've been home. I did really well in this store, I definitely could have walked out of there with more than I did, but I had to limit myself to save my bank account. I bought this dress, this top, and this dress & am absolutely in love with all three of them! If you are a shopaholic like I am, I suggest you check it out! Unless you're on a spending freeze, then go ahead and disregard anything I'm saying in this post.

Savannah Bee Company 
I had no idea you could do so many things with bees! This is an all-natural company that specializes in pure honey and body care products. The moment you walk into their store you're invited to sample their different types of honey, which you bet your bottom dollar I did! Everything was so delicious, and I really had no idea there were so many different types! Then I ventured back to the body care section of the store and that's where things got real for me. THE BODY BUTTER! Not only does it smell incredible but I love the way it felt on my hands, so smooth! The woman in the store joked with me that it's the cure for everything - dry skin, burns, you name it! We also ended up buying a few bars of the honey soap, some hand cream, a few body butters, and some lip balm! This stuff is amazing and I'm so happy we happened upon this store because I know I'll be reordering stuff from their site for a long time. Check them out here!

And that concludes this little peak into the hidden gems in Charleston. I'm sure if I would have had more time there I could have come up with so many more, but I guess that's an excuse to return one day! Now what are you waiting for? I gave you the perfect excuse to go shopping!

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  1. Awesome finds! When I lived in Houston, Impeccable Pig was one of my favorite places to shop- love it! They also sell the Savannah Bee company products at a boutique in Houston, and I LOVE they hand creams. Never thought to check online, and am now so glad to know I can still get my hands on it!