Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Loving Lately

1. anything that glitters - obviously, look at my blog name. Loving these nails!
2. coral and seaglass makes for quite a pretty combo.
3. southern charm and a front porch - sign me up.
4. don't you just want to squeeze that little nugget's butt?
5. story of my life - chocolate addict right here.
6. dreaming of Bora Bora - we'll meet one day.
7. peony season!
8. loving on this back porch decor.
9. you know what Miss Kate Spade, I think I will.

1. black and white anemones - must find these.
2. these delicate gold rings are ever so pretty.
3. love this combo of black, white and cognac brown.
4. tomato, beets, and goat cheese salads.
5. "never suppress a generous thought"
6. I will be making this - coconut water and juiced watermelon.
7. bed AND breakfast.
8. the pink sands of Bermuda.
9. all the different colors and shapes that succulents come in.

1. this color palette.
2. shabby chic + rustic table decor.
3. gallery walls.
4. this free people one piece.
5. this lovely combo of turquoise and nude.
6. must get these mugs one day.
7. macarons, especially ones painted gold.
8. using an antique teacup as a vase.
9. "I get by with a little help from my friends"

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  1. You should link to the items so we can see them for ourselves!

  2. I'm going to steal that dog... and I want that mug... and those rings. Basically everything in this post.