Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gypsy Soul

I'm a travel junkie, so I'm so thrilled to be linking up with Helene for the first of many Travel Tuesdays for me! 

Helene in Between

If I won the lottery, I would use a chunk of the money to go to and see places around the world that I've always wanted to experience - I'm looking at you Tahiti. 

Mark my words, I will honeymoon here.
I lived abroad in the south of Spain for 6 months during college, and while I was there I took full advantage of the easy access to all of Europe and Northern Africa. You've been warned, this girl has got lots of Travel Tuesdays in her future.

Today I'm talking about a destination that's a little more attainable, Europe can wait until next week! 
Peter and I have a found our "special place" that is otherwise known as Lake Seneca, NY. If you're a wine lover, live within driving distance to New York, and have never been there, get in your car now.

It's our favorite long weekend destination, and we actually just made the trip up there 2 weekends ago! There's just something so romantic about being surrounded by vineyards, water, and wine.
Seneca Lake has a wine trail that goes around the entire lake and is comprised of around 50 wineries and counting! Not a wino like me? There's also a distillery and multiple breweries along the trail - aka there's something for everyone.

A typical day at the Finger Lakes goes a little something like this...
Wake up. 
Eat breakfast.
Go to a winery & sample wines.
Repeat as many times as possible.
Go back to hotel & take a nap.
Get dinner with a side of Riesling/Cabernet/Merlot/etc.
Wake & start over from the beginning.

You really can't go wrong if you ask me! We usually try to go up when the wine trail is holding an event. In January we went for "Wine and Pasta" weekend, and in April we went for "Wine and Cheese" weekend. What this means, each winery has a wine and pasta/cheese dish pairing waiting for you when you arrive. Your job is easy: eat, drink, and enjoy. Then you move on to their tasting room to choose from their list to sample anything you want! Wine + food + me = happy! 

As always, we came home with full bellies, new recipes to create, smiling faces, and 25+ new bottles of wine to enjoy. And when we run out, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be planning another trip up there to restock :-) 

If you're a Riesling lover like me, there is no comparison to a Finger Lakes Riesling. It has something to do with the climate and lake effects there, or something like that. I was more focused on my wine than the explanation given to me. It's really like no other.

Of course we couldn't leave without a stop at our favorite spot, Hector Falls.

Still not convinced? Look at this cutie we spotted when we were there in January...

Yep, that's a white deer. Not albino, just white from a genetic defect & very rare.
What a handsome guy.

BOOM total package long weekend getaway for all you North East coasters!

See all you fashionistas tomorrow for a red carpet recap of the Met Gala!


  1. what a neat little place!! thanks so much for linking up! excited to have you!

  2. New follower here! I lived abroad in Germany for a while, and I love seeing all of your travel photos.

  3. this sounds like my kind of place. so fun! and the waterfall is beautiful.

  4. My Mom and her bf having been going to The Fingers Lakes the past few summers and always bring back some amazing wine. Now that my bestie is doing her residency at Cornell I am hoping to visit myself sometime soon!