Monday, May 6, 2013

seis de mayo

Well hello there Monday, so nice to see you!
Feliz seis de mayo everyone! Not quite as exciting as cinco.

I'm always a little sad to see the weekends come to an end, but then I remember that I was lucky enough to wake up this morning to enjoy another day so welcoming Monday with open arms! Where did this big burst of positive come from? It's all about perspective people.
My weekend started off just right on Friday when Peter and I celebrated his return home from his business trip with a bottle of wine and some Vietnamese food! It has becomes somewhat of a tradition for us to eat some type of Asian food on Fridays - Thai, Vietnamese, sushi, you name it. Good food, the best company, and I wore pink lip stain! After dinner we FINALLY watched Silver Linings Playbook. All I have to say is, Jennifer Lawrence is my girl crush. Bradley Cooper is fun to look at and all, but girl is the total package!

Saturday brought on a day filled with social commitments for my Mom and I - that made us sound really important. To start the day we had an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower for a family friend who is getting married in July. Everyone was told to wear their most fabulous hat to the shower, which made for a really great photo op. The mimosas were delicious, the theme was adorable, and the bride-to-be got some pretty fabulous gifts. Kind of makes you want to get married so you can be showered with wonderful gifts for your home/kitchen. Right after the shower, we were off to a 1st Communion party for the adorable little munchkin I babysit. There's something so adorable about little girls dressed in white gowns and veils, like little mini brides.

And yes, I did wear the same shirt/necklace two days in a row. I'm the girl who gets stuck on an outfit and wants to wear it for everything. But it did look super good with my hat, so I just went with it!

Sunday was simple and filled with some shopping, some grilling out, and some time with family and one wonderful boyfriend. Oh, and snuggling in the sunshine with the cutest little fur ball I know.

Cheers to a great week to come!
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  1. I just watched Silver Linings Playbook as well! I thought both the book and movie were good, even though the movie did stray from the book :) Happy Monday :)

  2. I love your wedges! Are they from Target?

  3. You have a well trained Target eye :-) Yes, that's where they are from and they are extremely comfortable & adorable in every color!

  4. I happened to come across your blog. Once my computer decides to allow me to hit the follow button, I will do so. I look forward to reading more about you =)

  5. Here from The Hartungs! Loving your blog! Excited to follow along! I'm Alexis by the way!

  6. Silver Linings is SO good! And don't apologize for that outfit, it's adorable- rock it!