Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I'm Shopping For...

Once I get an idea stuck in my head, it's usually stuck there.
Right now, I'm fixated on finding the perfect summer bathing suit.
I usually buy two new bathing suits each summer and replace some of the ones that are getting faded, worn out, or just heavily worn! And even though I've already got two bikinis coming my way any day now from Victoria's Secret (damn you backorders), I've still got my eye out for something that's a little different for me - a fun and flirty one-piece!

Here are the two suits I ordered from VS - I'm hoping they work out when they finally arrive, and even better that they instantly make me look like that... a girl can dream.
For a little while now I've had my eye on some high wasted bikinis - but had to come to the sad realization that I have too much curve and not enough height to wear one well! I really love the vintage, old-Hollywood glamour look that they give off. It's possible that I'm the only 24 year old who would say that, but hey, I like what I like!

But since I've got hips and a bubble booty, I'll leave the old-Hollywood glam for the skinny minis of the world. That's when I started looking at one-pieces a little more. They've been making a big comeback in the recent years and I'm into it! Not to mention I think they come with quite a few positives - less sun screen and you don't have to suck it in 24/7. 

Here are some of my favs right now and quite possibly (hopefully) one of them will belong to me by this summer! If only my bank account can get on board with that...
Also, I clearly have a thing for black and white. There's something so classic about it!
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What do you think? 
Are you loving the flirty one-piece for this summer?

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