Monday, October 21, 2013

A thankful weekend

My weekend was simple, just the way I like it!

The biggest highlight and reason I'm feeling thankful today -

my Mom's name was added to this bench in a beautiful park by our house.
The bench is property of our local breast cancer support group, and holds the names of woman from the area who lost their battle with breast cancer and in one way or another were big supporters of the cause.

Seeing my Mom's name on there brought out so many emotions for me. 
I felt proud, thankful, honored, and happy. 
That being said, that happy definitely came with a side of sad. I had one of those "holy crap it's in writing and it must actually be real" kind of moments. Anyone who has experienced a loss can probably relate to this - it's a really sobering feeling. It kind of hits you really hard when you least expect it.

But now more than ever, I know I need to take over and continue her fight to find a cure for such an awful disease. Being that it's still October, if you'd like to join me in making a donation to your local breast cancer organization, the Susan G Komen Foundation, Bright Pink, or any other charity that is dedicated to ending the battle. I know how much these charities can help someone who is facing the fight again breast cancer - the support they can feel is unmeasurable.

I don't know about you - but I look forward to the day when pink is just a color.

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