Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Love in a vineyard!

Happy wedding Wednesday, beautiful people!

I'm so excited to share our engagement photos with you all today!

Being mega wine lovers, we ( I ) decided that a vineyard would be the perfect setting for our shoot. 
Add some jumbo wine glasses, a bottle of white, a funky picnic blanket, some balloons (because why not), and the coolest bike ever... and voila!

Our photographer sent us 170 pictures from the day & I swear there are probably only 5 that I'm not a huge fan of. How the heck does one choose a save the date photo? 
Trading cards, anyone?

Here are some of my favorites! We really had so much fun and I love reliving it through these pictures. Sorry for the love overload that's about to come at ya!

Photos all courtesy of the AMAZING Becka of Lauren Fair Photography!



 Okay I have to stop myself.

So in love with my man!
And so thankful for these pictures that capture this very happy and exciting time in our lives.

Do you have a favorite?
HELP! I have WAY too many and don't know how I'll ever choose!


  1. The third one down from the top is probably my favorite. I also love the ones with the bike. They are all lovely, though! :) Good luck choosing!!

  2. Ahh, the photos with the bicycle are gorgeous... actually they all are! Love, love, love your ring!

  3. Girl- these are stunning!! I love the third to last one...though I don't know if I can pick a favorite!

  4. love this! these are so beautiful. the bike picture is so great

  5. Oh my gosh I'm swooning over these!! My favorites are the bicycle shots! I loved picking out our save the dates because the back was a collage so I could include all the ones I loved (5) haha! SO SO BEAUTIFUL! XO

  6. The bicycle ones are so adorable!!

  7. These are all so great. I think I love the last one the most. :)