Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello hello!
On Tuesday, I left you with a little teaser at the end of my post that looked a little something like this...
That's the happy (and relieved it's over) face of a girl who just got her first tattoo!

And after keeping it to myself for a few days, I'm finally feeling ready to share it!

I'd always thrown around the idea of getting a tattoo, but knew I would wait until I came up with something that I'd want inked on my body forever. 

And then I got the perfect idea.

My Mom always signed her cards/letters/notes to me "Love you lots, Mom xoxo". 
I took one of those said cards to my tattoo artist, he scanned it in, and there it was -
 my Mom's handwriting on my wrist forever.
I can't stop staring at it! 
I really can't explain to you the emotions I feel when I see my Mom's handwriting on me. 
It's comforting, amazing, and makes me so happy to know I'll have this little piece of her with me forever.

Honestly, the whole tattooing experience was really special for me.

I have yet to talk about one of my very best friends, Liz, on here. We had the same major in college, lived and traveled together in Spain, and she'll be one of my bridesmaids next August! 

In addition to all of the things we've already experienced together, Liz and I could have never guessed how much we'd now have in common. Liz's father passed away on August 13th - almost exactly 24 hours after I lost my Mom. Although it's a connection we'd never wish for, it's been a true blessing to have someone to experience and go through the grieving process with. We decided we would get these handwriting tattoos together to honor our parents, just another thing we now share.
'Love you lots' & 'Love always' in our parent's handwriting
Everyone keeps telling me that once you get one tattoo, you can't stop.
For now, I'm feeling content, but I guess only time will tell!

Do you have an "in memory" tattoo for someone you've lost?
I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Love your tattoo!! I've always thought about doing an "in memory" tattoo but was always too scared and wouldn't know where to put it! Did it hurt?!

  2. That really is an amazing way to remember your mom. Beautiful tattoo.

  3. That is the sweetest thing. I absolutely love the idea.

  4. That is such an amazing tribute to your relationship with your mom! It is a beautiful tattoo!

  5. What a great and special tattoo!