Friday, January 3, 2014

The Rollercoaster I call 2013.

I have been non-existent in this little blog world for quite a few weeks now. 
Plain and simple, the difficulty of missing my Mom around the holiday while trying to keep Christmas "the same" for my family by doing all the things she used to do was just downright exhausting and hard. I can't tell you how many times I said the following statement in the past month - "I swear Mom was related to Wonder Woman because I have no idea how she got all this done."

So I decided that I needed to simplify things a little bit to keep both my sanity and my little bit of holiday spirit going.

It's pretty safe to say that I have quite a love/hate relationship with 2013, the year that brought me one of the greatest moments of my life and also one of the worst all in a matter of months. But I'm a firm believer in fresh starts and new beginnings and I'm an fully taking advantage of that in 2014. I have so much to look forward this year, and you better believe I'll be enjoying and taking in every second.

I know I'm a little late to this who trip down memory road of 2013 thing, but I figured better late than never right? I think it's kind of amazing to look back and see how much can really change and happen in the span of a year - both for better or worse! So here's a look back at my 2013, mostly according to my Instagram!

Visited the Finger Lakes for the 3rd time with Peter, and we began to furnish our new townhouse!

We celebrated our 8th Valentine's Day together, and Peter got an amazing promotion!

I don't know why but I have no significant memories or photos from March, so here's the best I've got! I gave the ombré trend a try, and Stella turned 2!
We visited the Finger Lakes again, I finally saw Maroon 5 in concert, and celebrated my 24th birthday!

I launched Fluent in Sparkle on May 1st, Peter and I celebrated 8 years together, and I traveled to Charleston with my Mom and Dad.

We got engaged, chose our wedding date and venue, and I traveled to Key West with my family!

Spent my family vacation at the Jersey Shore, and made the decision to drop everything and be at home to care for my Mom.

Said goodbye to my very best friend.

Got our engagement pictures taken, I said yes to the dress, and my Mom sent us her first of many double rainbows.

We booked our honeymoon, and celebrated my Mom at multiple breast cancer events.

I got my first tattoo!

I took some time for myself, bought my first "weave", completed our eclectic kitchen table, and rang in 2014 with my forever New Year's Eve kiss!

2013 has taught me so many lessons about myself, life, and so much more - and for that, I'll be forever thankful. It was nothing short of an emotional roller coaster - but I truly believe that the best is yet to come in 2014! Cheers to taking advantage of a fresh start, enjoying the little things, beginning each day with a grateful heart, seeing more rainbows from Mom, marrying the best guy in this world, and honeymooning in a place I thought I could only dream of.

Wishing you all big smiles, full hearts, and good health.


  1. Looks like you had a great year and I'm sorry for the loss of your Mom. Although the pain will never fully go away, I hope she keeps sending you some beautiful double rainbows! Hope you have an incredible start to 2014!

  2. You are a true inspiration and I loved reliving 2013 with you. Don't ever forget that stars are just openings from heaven where our loved ones look down on us and let us know that they're doing okay. Love you lady! XO