Monday, January 13, 2014

Fashion Police - Golden Globes 2014 Edition!

Well well well, if it isn't Monday again!

Hoping everyone had a great weekend! I know I sure did! I got to spend the entire day on Saturday with all 8 of my bridesmaids picking out dresses - but more on that later this week!

Award season 2014 has officially started with last nights Golden Globe awards! I have a huge passion for fashion so I was glued to the red carpet coverage all evening to get the first glimpse of what all the stars were wearing for the big night. 

Side not: wouldn't it be a dream to be a celebrity and have the best designers in the world send you their clothes to wear for free? Must be nice!

Here are some of my picks for best and worst of the night! 

Remaining Neutral

Michelle Dockery in Oscar de la Renta
Simple and stunning in a shade of nude that is difficult to pull off! I love the slight sparkle and the unique shape of this dress on her petite frame.

Kerry Washington in Balenciaga
She looks stunning in this dress and is truly rocking that baby bump! Loving the preggo glow on her and I definitely think she did a good job with the difficult task of wearing designer fashion while pregnant - it really can go either way.

Emilia Clarke in Proenza Schouler
I'm a huge fan of the lace overlay on her dress, and it gives her an amazing shape! Plus it's always a surprise when everyone remembers she's a brunette in real life.

 Jennifer Lawrence in Dior
I am still somewhat torn on this fashion choice, and by that I mean I love Jennifer but hate this dress on her. This dress has been going back and forth from my worst dressed list. What I hate most about it is that the shape does NOTHING for her amazing figure. I just can't fully decide if I absolutely hate it or just feel ehh about it - but then I remember that she's J. Law and she photo-bombed Taylor Swift on the red carpet and then told her she wanted to push her down the stairs - which in my mind makes her a hero in a crappy dress.

Margot Robbie in Gucci
This is definitely one of my picks for best of the night! Margot looks absolutely stunning in this Gucci gown and everything about her look was perfection making her quite the fashionable newcomer to the red carpet scene.

Sparkle and Shine

Naomi Watts in Tom Ford
She always seems to wow on the red carpet and last night was no exception! Girl really knows how to pull off a red carpet moment. 

Mila Kunis in Gucci
Another star in Gucci, another hit! I loved this dress on Mila and thought the metallic was so on trend and appropriate. 

 Camila Alves in Dolce and Gabbana
Her hubby Matthew McConaughey is one lucky man - not only did he take home an award, but he also gets to walk the red carpet with this beautiful lady!

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad
Those curves! She looks amazing in this gorgeous gown that fits her like a glove and flatters her body in all the right places!

Black is the new Black

Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen
No shocker here, Sofia did not disappoint! She is a red carpet pro and as always she had her own personal golden globes on display. This girl knows how to show off her curves!

Leslie Mann in Dolce and Gabbana
Love the black, love the lace, and love the peplum! I was surprised by her choice but found it to be classic and timeless.

Cate Blanchett in Armani
Another pick for me for one of the best of the night! This dress was stunning and I don't think any picture can do it justice. She looked so high fashion and classic at the same time!

Jessica Chastain in Givenchy
She always seems to bring the va-va-voom and this was no different! She looked stunning in this gown and I couldn't stop staring at her diamond necklace. I love that she didn't go too over the top this year since she was not nominated, she kept it more simple and understated.

Emma Roberts in Lanvin
 This is a really sophisticated and glamorous look for her and I think she nailed it! I wonder if her and Sofia coordinated the black and turquoise look?

Lady in Red

 Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez
She is 52 years old and looks unreal in this dress - need I say more?

Amy Adams in Valentino
If you saw America Hustle than you will notice this familiar neckline on Amy, the deep V which she practically rocks the entire movie. And when I say rock, I fully mean it - she looks incredibly chic!

Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrara
I still can't quite decide what I think of this dress. Part of me thinks it looks reminiscent of a prom gown. The other half of me really like the color-blocking. One thing I do know, Taylor's red lip has gotten to be a little predictable.

Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren
Another pick for me for best dressed of the night! Jaws dropped all over the E! red carpet coverage when she stepped our of her limo - and for good reason! Such a bold choice that really paid off.

Pop of Color

Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein Collection
This color on Reese is amazing and I was really loving her hair and fringe bangs! I'm all about keeping it simple, but I felt like she could have gone a little farther and jazzed this up with some bolder jewelry - that dress is screaming for a necklace!

 Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung
This is definitely not going to be everyone's favorite - but for some reason I really like it on her! I've already seen it show up on some of the worst dressed lists. I find it to be very casual feeling while still being pretty and trendy! And let's be real, it's Sandra Bullock - she's the coolest. Sidenote - her stylist needed to do a better job of getting the wrinkles out of her dress before she hit the carpet.

Olivia Wilde in Gucci
Oh how most beautiful looking pregnant woman I have ever seen. I said it the second I spotted her on the TV, this is my pick for best of the night. She showed us that it is possible to be so pregnant and yet look so glamorous at the same time. She is simply glowing, and is looking super sexy while being super preggo - giving all women hope that it's possible to be both! And she wore sky high heels, kuddos to her.

Maria Menounos in Max Azria Atelier 
I'm not 100% sold on the color of this gown, and think it could have been really amazing in black. That being said, I do love the daring details on this dress and think she really rocked it!

Worst Dressed

Heidi Klum in Marchesa
No, just no Heidi. I feel like she is so hot or cold on the red carpet, which is weird since she was the host of a fashion reality show for so long - you would think she'd have better taste. This is just horrible in my opinion, and the tassel hanging down between her boobs is super weird.

Julia Roberts in Dolce and Gabbana
I hate to say it but I hate this, although I love Julia Roberts. This is an outfit choice I would have expected from Meryl Streep and I think it really really ages her. I somewhat understand what she was going for, but if she wanted to be modest and classic, there were definitely other ways to do it.

Paula Patton in Stephane Rolland Couture
Well this is just a mess. I think she was trying to go high fashion couture with this look and it just came off as looking like she had a giant kleenex tissue attached to her sleeve. 

Zoe Saldana in Prabal Gurung
This was another huge disappointment and terrible decision. There is WAY too much mixing and no matching of fabrics going on here and it just comes off as a complete trainwreck of a dress.

Lena Dunham in Zac Posen
I'm a huge fan of GIRLS, but general never a fan of what Lena wears on red carpets. I do think that this style and shape is much better for her than things she's worn before but I'm totally hating this canary yellow on her.

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier
Unlike Olivia Wilde and Kerry Washington, I did not like how Drew dressed her bump. This dress was super messy and looked somewhat like a child's art project of cutout hearts glued all over her dress. She has recently married into major connections with Chanel, I totally expected her to be wearing something from them!

Hayden Panettiere in Tom Ford
I hated this the second I saw it. It somewhat reminds me of a go go dancer or something. The style of color-blocking and that neckline make her look even shorter than she already is. I think she definitely could have done better, and has really been off her game lately.

Sarah Hyland in Georges Hobeika
Once again, nothing I like about this. The dress color washes her out, the milkmaid hairstyle doesn't at all work with the dress, and her eyebrows are way overdrawn. Time for a new stylist Haley Dunphy!

And there you have it! Those are my picks!

The bests for me were definitely Olivia Wilde, Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett and Lupita Nyong'o.

I think my pick for worst dressed is Zoe Saldana - although there were a lot of great candidates for the title.

Wishing everyone a fantastic day filled with your own red carpet style moments! Or sweatpants and pajamas - either way.


  1. oh man, Olivia Wilde was perfection. I actually liked JLaw! I think that I'm the only one

  2. Loved Olivia and Kate B- they really knocked it out of the park!

  3. i really loved this post! the dresses are the best part of any awards ceremony. i can't believe how hideous zoe and heidi and hayden looked. heidi looked like a 90s hippie.