Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Save the Date & a Wedding Update!

It occurred to me that I haven't done a wedding update on here for a little while, and considering how much of my time I dedicate to it, you would think I'd have more to say!

It feels like the second the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, it hit me that it was 2014 - our wedding year! Things became a little more real, and I was no longer planning for our wedding "next year" but instead planning for our wedding "this year"! We're close to the 7 months to go mark and this bride is feeling awfully productive lately.

Here's a little update on how things are progressing, in list form, naturally.

{Save the Date!}
When I was ready to create our save the dates, I went straight to Minted to get the job done. I've had the best experiences with them in the past with other projects and didn't hesitate to use them again! They have all kinds of fun and unique options to choose from, but I knew right away that the postcard save the date was my cup of tea. Simply the thought of licking and sealing 100+ envelopes gave me an awful taste in my mouth. The postcards option was super easy, allowed me to put a picture on both sides along with our website, printed our return address for us, and saved me from having to lick any gross envelopes. It was an all around winning situation! So now without further ado - I give you our save the dates! I'm so thrilled with how they turned out and have been getting endless texts, tweets, and instagrams from our guests!

We designed quite a few until we felt like we got it right. Both of us instantly fell in love with the light, playful, and fun feeling of this design and paired with that picture, we were sold! I never expected that this would be the picture we'd use but couldn't be happier! Thanks a million, Minted!

I mentioned on Monday that I went with all 8 of my bridesmaids on Saturday to pick out and order their dresses. Not that I ever doubted it, but I just feel like such a lucky bride to have 8 amazing women from all different stages of my life all come together and have an amazing time together! I've always known I was surrounded by incredible friends and family, but Saturday was just a great reminder of that. I'm also happy to report that dresses have been ordered and they are all going to be so dreamy and stunning standing beside me on the big day. I chose one color and fabric type, and then let them all have free reign to wear whatever style of dress they wanted to wear for their body type. Without giving away too much, I'll just tell you that my inspiration for my girls came from this photo.

I have been on a serious hunt lately to find the perfect shoes for myself! I'm stuck somewhere in between 'I don't want to spend a fortune because I'm not going to want to wear them all night' and 'can I physically walk in these'. I do have my eyes on a few and hope to make a decision soon since I know my first dress fitting will be here before I know it! Did you find really great heels for your wedding? Please share! Here are some of my current favs, and no you're not dreaming, those sparkly beautiful Kate Spade heels did show up two times in different colors.

 We have our cake consultation and tasting coming up very soon, something we've both been looking forward to! Let's just say we both have a little case of sweet tooth. When it comes to our cake, one thing is most important to me - taste! I've had quite a few wedding cakes that weren't all that great and talk about a huge disappointment because what's a wedding without a delicious cake?! Although I have no idea what flavors we will pick, I do know that we probably will have a difficult time choosing them which in my mind is a perfectly fine problem to have. I've also really been looking forward to designing our cake and have been scouring the internet to get ideas and inspiration! I do know that I don't want a gigantic cake, but instead would love a smaller cake accompanied by tons of other delicious sweets and treats on a dessert table! Here's some of my inspiration - I sure hope the baker is ready for crazy over-prepared bride Andrea to walk through her doors. I apologize in advance for making your mouth water...

The decor details are slowly but surely coming together little by little and I'm completely and utterly obsessed with our floral and event design company Belovely! Right now I can't help but find myself pinning and loving everything that sparkles and glitters, which has made me decide that "sparkle" is now an official color on our palette. If you couldn't already tell from the name of my blog, anything that sparkles is right up this girl's alley.

So there you have it! A little update on the Anthony wedding!

There is still lots to be done, but it feels so darn good to keep checking things off the list because as many people have reminded me, it'll be here before we know it!

And you know what, I can hardly wait to make this sweet man my husband.

 Happy Wedding Wednesday to all my fellow brides-to-be!

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  1. You are so far along! It looks like everythign is coming together beautifully and the save the dates are sooo pretty!

  2. Eeek this makes me so excited! There is so much "good" on the horizon--2014 is going to be your year! XO

  3. Ooh I love update posts. Congrats on getting engaged (not sure when that happened but I think this is your first time linking up). Your Save the Dates are so cute! I love them!! I used Etsy to get our STDs done and that designer did a GREAT job. I love Etsy!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. That save the date is perfect!!! You have gotten a good start on everything!

  5. You are so far along with your planning!! Great job!! All of these inspirations look amazing!!!

  6. I found your blog through Wedding Wednesday and I am so excited for you! Although I am not a blogger, I am kinda obsessed with Wedding Wednesday ha. I am getting married in May and I love seeing/hearing about other soon-to-be brides and weddings. Congrats!

  7. Nice job crossing things off of your list! Your save the date is super sweet and whimsical I love it!!!

  8. Oh my goodness I love those pictures! Those ideas are going to be beautiful once you put them all together. My brother gets married next August too!

    Following from the link-up! :)

  9. Ohhh, I am loving everything about this!

  10. I wore Enzo Angiolini's "Show You' in navy and they were comfortable and just under $100. check and zappos for shoes

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