Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Dog of this Blog!

I recently realized I haven't really discussed my dog baby around here at all, and it's time to change that! 
After all, a little diva like her needs all the attention she can get.

Meet Stella!
 Or as she is sometimes known: Stella Mozzarella, Stella Bella, Stella Bear, or just plain Stelly!

You see, this little 4 lb ball of fur and love has quite the personality. 

Did you ever hear the saying "small dog, big attitude", well that explains this little munchkin of mine to a T.

Let me introduce you to a few of the different Stella's you'd come across on a daily basis...

'Disheveled mop head' Stella
side note: this is what she looked like when I first got her... as they say, a face only a mother could love.
 'I love to check myself out anytime I see my reflection' Stella

 'I think playing should involve teeth' Stella

'I'm just going to sit on the windowsill like a cat' Stella

'I shrink and look like an alien when I get a bath' Stella

'I'm not ashamed to sniff my big sister's ass' Stella

 'Snuggle bug' Stella

 'I find the weirdest positions comfortable' Stella
'Daddy's girl' Stella
'America's next top model' Stella

 'I won't let you pack for vacation because that means kennel' Stella

 'I may be little but I can make a big mess' Stella

 'I just need my 15 minutes of sun' Stella

 'You can never have too many toys' Stella

'But I'll still play with this free cardboard box' Stella

'Fetal position' Stella

'I'm going to pounce like Simba in the Lion King' Stella

'Total lush and underage drinking' Stella
after all, it is her namesake.
'My best trick is playing dead' Stella

And finally...

'I'm going to give Mom the side-eye for taking so many pictures of me' Stella

Hope you enjoyed meeting my little diva child.

She really does keep life interesting!

Which Stella is your favorite?


  1. Sniff my big sister's ass Stella is most assuredly my favorite and this post made me LOL! Thank you! I needed this!! XO